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Crystal healing session are now available at our store location. If you are interested please book an initial consultation to discuss the best healing procedure for your needs.

Eight main layouts but custom layouts can be done. 

1. Energy unblocker-releases blocked energy, good if you are feeling unsettled for no apparent reason.

2. Body and mind balancer, restores natural flow of energy and provides balance.

3. Chakra balancer, recharges and balances your chakras.

4. Seal of Solomon, activation of the energy field around your body 

5. Infinity, revives sluggish energies when feeling agitated.

6. Stress buster, good if you are feeling stressed and anxious 

7. Spirit lifter, good if you have been feeling down in the dumps.

8. Reconnector, good if are feeling disconnected in the environment or spiritual self. 

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