About Us

Crystal Creedence is an online and brick and mortar store featuring crystal and metaphysical products. We are located in St. Catharines Ontario Canada, in the beautiful Niagara Region. The brick and mortar store opened on March 1 2022, we also provide crystal healing along with products. The location is 80 King St Unit 15, St. Catharines Ontario. The phone number is 289-786-0057. Crystal Creedence believes in selling natural crystals. All of our wholesalers are Canadian and deal with ethical sourced mines and miners. We try to serve all the crystal communities whether you are a crystal healer, a crystal newbie, love the geology of minerals or are just curious. Fun interactive classes will be starting in 2024, stay tuned.   

The owner has always had a love for crystals and rocks since she was a child. She started collecting minerals as an adult. One day when holding a crystal she felt the energy coming from the crystal and almost dropped it. After that experience she wanted to learn as much as I could about crystals, minerals and their healing potential. She became a certified crystal healer in 2019, and continue to learn more everyday. She worked in the medical field for over 25 years, but found the work environment became very toxic and stressful. In 2021 she decided to quit her job and start crystal creedence. 

It has been a world wind of excitement and fear. We truly hope that you will enjoy your purchases.