You don't need permission to follow your intuition.

Posted by Elizabeth van Ophem on

You don’t need permission to follow your intuition.


I have been noticing something that has been on my mind, and I feel the need to discuss it. This is purely my opinion.

Some of my customers have been coming into my shop but are afraid to purchase certain crystals based on what they have been told by others or read about. They are afraid to touch the crystals and are afraid to combine certain crystals. My best example was from a lovely lady who told me she loves Tigers eye but cannot get it. When I asked her why, she replied that she was informed by someone that she should never get tigers eye because it will clash with her astrological sign. Here is my opinion. I call Bulls**t on this.

You don’t need permission to follow your intuition.

I am a believer that whatever crystal is calling you is the one you need to work with. You are subconsciously drawn to this crystal for a reason. I can give you suggestions on what crystal is associated with what you are looking for and always try to give a variety of possibilities. But in the end if you do not resonate with those crystals then do not buy them. Only purchase crystals you connect with. The purpose of crystal healing is to empower you, soothe you and help you. The crystal knows what it is meant to do, and you will be better able to connect with this crystal if you are attracted to it.

I am also a firm believer that you need to touch the crystals before buying from a shop. I see so many people afraid to touch the crystals. When buying online that is impossible, this is when you should really look at the pictures posted on the site. Most online crystal shops show many examples of crystals that are available.  In my shop I encourage you to touch the crystals. Crystals are supposed to feel good, and the only way you know if a crystal feels good is by holding them. You need to get a sense of their energy before purchasing. If it does not feel good to you, then it might not be a good match for you at this time. This can change over time when your needs have changed. As for the energy transfer from others. All crystals have been touched by many people before they get to a crystal shop. From the miners to the lapidary workers, (if the crystals have been tumbled or shaped) to the wholesalers, then to the people packing and shipping them then to retail, and the other people who touch the crystal before you. Just to name a few, there may be more. That is why it is always a good idea to cleanse your crystals when you get home. Then you can climatize the crystal to only your energy.

I also do not follow the idea that you cannot place certain crystals beside each other because the energies will cancel out each other. Maybe you need that opposite energy to help bring you to balance.  Again, my opinion, I know many people that follow this rule.  I look at it this way. All crystals form and grow in Mama earth. And Mama earth knows what she is doing. They live in harmony in the earth and can live in harmony outside. If this does not resonate with you, then by all means don’t place them together. Follow your intuition. But please don’t be afraid to place them together. It is safe.

Crystals for healing purposes or just collecting for their beauty are very personal. Always choose crystals based on your intuition, you know what you need. I love learning about crystals and don’t pretend to know everything. I will continue to learn and share my knowledge and opinion regarding crystals. But in the end, it is my perception. If it resonates with you great and it not, also great. That is perfectly fine, crystals are so personal that there is no right or wrong. It all comes down to your own intuition. Crystals should be fun and make you happy. So, do not stress about rules. There are no hard and fast rules regarding crystals. Things change and grow and recreate themselves all the time.

Listen to your heart, listen to your head, but always follow your gut. You do not need permission to follow your intuition.


Thanks, and have fun with your crystals.