What does it mean when you hear “Work with your crystals”?

Posted by Elizabeth van Ophem on

When I first started this journey with crystals, I use to always here.” I am working with this crystal, or work with your crystal. “I never knew what that meant and was afraid to ask in case I looked silly. When I found out what it meant, I realized that I was already “working with crystals”.

On most occasions you intuitively will know what crystal you need to work with. There will be a strong attraction to a certain crystal. These are the crystals you should start with.

Working with your crystal means, getting to know your crystals vibration. When you receive a new crystal, it is always a good idea to first cleanse it. (See blog post on cleansing your crystals.) Once the crystal is cleansed, take a good look at it. If you have a magnifying glass handy, then use it to get an up-close look at the beauty of this crystal. Take you time looking at all the inclusions that make this crystal unique and one of a kind. Then touch it, feel the rough spots and the smooth spots. Then simply hold it in your hand, close your eyes and feel the crystals energy.  You may feel a tingling at this time, or you may feel nothing. That is ok. Everyone reacts differently to crystals and some crystals are shy and will not show their energy right away.

You can also mediate with the crystal. I like the technique I learned from Hibiscus moon.  Sit with your eyes closed and image you are inside the crystal. Image walking around and looking at the walls, the ceiling and floor. Imagine you are one with the crystal. Then image sitting inside the crystal. Feel the energy. Then you can ask the crystal “How you would like to work with me?”” What gifts do you have to give?” Let the crystal tell you. Try to stop your thoughts and receive. Let whatever you need to hear come to you. You may hear something or just get a feeling from the crystal. Trust what you hear or feel. You may also get nothing, and that is ok. When you come out of the mediation, right down all the information you have gained.


What does it mean when you get no feelings?

Some crystals give off a strong energy, while other give a subtle energy. They are all unique and one of a kind. If you do not feel anything, do not worry. This does not mean it is not working. You could try rubbing your hands together to open your hand chakras, then try sitting quietly again with the crystal. You may now feel something.

Some crystals are shy, and it takes a while to open up. If still nothing, then you can try again later. You could also try asking the crystal to please show you the message they have to give. Always treat your crystals with respect and gratitude.

You may also not feel anything because this crystal does not have the message you need to hear at this time. But that does not mean it will not work at a different time for you. Try to pick crystals that you are drawn to. Most likely you need to hear their wisdom.

And sometimes that crystal is just not for you. That is ok, sometime the crystal is just meant for your pleasure to look at, not to work with.  For example, I hear all the time about how powerful moldavite is and how so many people can barely touch it. But for myself moldavite does nothing. I feel nothing with moldavite. Moldavite does not have any messages for me, and that is ok. It is still a beautiful crystal that I have in my collection. But if I touch an azurite my hand is shaking from the power I feel. It is not right or wrong it is just how it is. Find your crystal tribe because these are the ones that will work best for you. These are the crystals that you need in your life.

So get to know your crystal tribe. Keep a journal about your crystals and what their message is. Remember not all want to work with you, some just like to show off how pretty they are.