Monthly birthstones and their spiritual and folklore attached to each

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January- Garnet

Comes in many colours. Red, green, orange, and black. Red is usually used in birthstones.

Associated with the root, sacral, solar, heart and crown chakra

Mohs hardness-6.5-7.5

I feel motivated

Metaphysical properties Garnet renews loves, calms anger and i increases motivation.

Folklore Garnet is a Latin word garanatus, which is like small bright seeds as found in the pomegranate. Noah is said to have used a garnet to light up the ark at night. Soldiers wore garnets to heal battle wounds


Colours range from light purple to deep purple.

Associated with the third eye and crown chakra

Mohs hardness 7

I feel a divine connection

Metaphysical properties Amethyst is good for intuition, memory and protection from negative energies

Folklore Amethyst is said to stop drunkenness. Bacchus is said to have had a goblet made of amethyst so he would not become drunk, therefore keeping themselves quick witted and clear headed.


Colours range from soft blue green to sky blue

Associated with the throat chakra

Mohs hardness-7.5-8

I feel accepted

Metaphysical properties Aquamarine helps to relieve stress, promotes acceptance and helps with communication

Folklore Means water of the sea. Believed to be the tears of a mermaid. Sailors used aquamarine to help with a safe passage across stormy seas and prevent seasickness. Soldiers carried aquamarine to reduce the affects of poisoning and to increase courage and happiness


Colour is usually clear but can also be blue, green, yellow, brown or black

Associated with the heart, third eye and crown chakra

Mohs hardiness-10

I feel liberated

Metaphysical properties Diamonds help to keep your commitments, good for karmic release. power, knowledge. Helps to give you strength in high pressure situations. Good for cleansing and purification.

Folklore Diamonds were said to represent the sun, symbol of power, courage, and truth. Diamonds were also said to be the tears of gods and could give you superpowers when in battle. Cupid arrow was also said to be made of diamonds.


Colour is green

Associated with the heart chakra

Mohs hardiness-7.5-8

I feel love and compassion

Metaphysical properties Emerald is the stone of love and compassion. Also good for heartbreak. Stone of loyalty, inspiration and hope. Will turn negative into positive

Folklore Ancient Greeks and Romans used Emeralds to pay tribute to Venus. Emeralds were said to turn a deep green when love is strong and would fade when the love faded. Emeralds are also said to sooth eyes. 

June-Alexandrite or pearl

Colour is blue, green to red-purple for Alexandrite, Pearl colours are white, black or pink

Associated with the heart, third eye and crown chakra

Mohs hardiness-Alexandrite 8.5, Pearl 2.5-4.5

I feel wisdom for alexandrite. I feel a connected to inner goddess for pearl

Metaphysical properties Alexandrite stone of joy and good for inner transformation Pearl connection to inner goddess nurturing and peace

Folklore Alexandrite is said to be a stone of good fortune Pearl are the tears of purity, symbols of love and prevent woman from crying.


Colour is Red

Associated with the heart, third eye and crown chakra

Mohs hardiness 9

I feel passion

Metaphysical properties Ruby helps with the exploration of new thoughts and ideas. It helps with courage, passion, strength, and adventures. Helps to stimulate life forces

Folklore If you dream of Ruby, you will have success in business Soldiers believed that rubies would make them invincible.


Colour is lime green

Associated with the solar and heart chakra

Mohs hardiness 7

I feel increase

Metaphysical properties Peridot is said to increase prosperity, success and abundance with ones work.

Folklore Peridot is the symbol of the sun and a protector from evil spirits. One of Cleopatra favourite stones.


Colour is blue, pink, orange, green, yellow and purple

Associated with the throat third eye chakra

Mohs hardiness 9

I feel discipline

Metaphysical properties Sapphire is good for communication with your spirit guides. Increases spiritual awakening and to speak clearly from inner wisdom.

Folklore Believed to keep Kings safe from harm and envy. Banishes evil spirits and sends negative energy back to sender.

October-Opal or pink tourmaline

Colour of Opal ranges from white to pink to blue green, Pink Tourmaline colour is pink

Associated with the chakra-Opal all chakras Pink tourmaline-Heart Chakra

Mohs hardiness-Opal-5.5-6 Pink tourmaline-7-7.5

I feel the cosmos for Opal I feel stress-free for pink tourmaline.

Metaphysical properties Opal-renewal releases old patterns and softens the impact of stress. Pink tourmaline-good for emotional healing, self love, aids in healing old emotional wounds

Folklore Opal-brings great luck and wards off illness, aids in inner beauty. Pink tourmaline-was said to make you more artistic and you could make magical staffs from tourmaline.

November- Citrine

Colour is light to deep yellow

Associated with the solar plexus and crown chakra

Mohs hardiness 7

I feel Prosperity

Metaphysical properties Citrine brings prosperity and abundance. Promotes joy and increases self esteem and stimulates creativity.

Folklore Citrine is said to hold the power of the sun. It is the merchants stone. If you keep citrine in the till it will help with prosperity.

December- Blue topaz, or turquoise

Blue topaz-Colour is sky blue to deep blue Turquoise-Colour is a bright sky blue

Associated with the throat and third eye chakra

Mohs hardiness-blue topaz-7-7.5 Turquoise-5-6

I feel precision for blue topaz, and I feel whole for Turquoise

Metaphysical properties blue topaz-brings clarity to your insights, keep you from feeling scattered Turquoise-enhances communication between the spiritual and physical world. Gives you inner calm

Folklore Blue topaz-Greeks believed it increases strength and Egyptian believed it was a protection to break magic spells Turquoise-Giver of life and breath and turquoise guards the dead.