How to use a pendulum

Posted by Elizabeth van Ophem on

Pendulums are a form of scrying that goes back thousands of years to ancient Rome.

Once you receive your pendulum, it is always a good idea to cleanse it before use. Some places like crystal creedence do clean the stones before shipping but other places do not. Once your pendulum is energetically clean, sit quietly with the pendulum in your hands. Get the feel for it. Take as long as you like, there is no right or wrong amount of time to do this.

When you are ready, hold the pendulum by the string(chain), in your dominant hand between your middle finger and thumb. Make sure the pendulum has room to move and is not touching any objects. You can use a pendulum mat if you like but it is not necessary. Always calibrate your pendulum before use.

First ask your pendulum- “Please show me yes.” Then watch to see how the pendulum moves. It may go back and forth, side to side, clockwise or counter clockwise.  Take note of the direction, since this is the way, the pendulum will speak to you. Once done say “thank you.” And then wait for the movement to stop. Then ask “Please show me no.” Then watch the direction again. Once done say “thank you.” Then wait for it to stop.

Now you are ready to ask a question. Think of a question that you wish to ask. Yes or no questions work best. Ask only one specific question at time. Avoid asking for multiple answers in one question. Only ask your question once. If you keep asking the same question repeatedly the pendulum will not give an accurate answer. It will become confused since it already gave you the answer. If you need to ask the same question again. Simple say before asking the question. “Just to clarify” then repeat the question. Sometimes we do not get the answer we want. But that does not mean it will not happen. It could mean it will not happen now. It could happen in a different much better way then expected. The universe does know what is best for us.

Using your body as a pendulum

If no pendulum is available and you want to know an answer, you can use you body as a pendulum. Stand straight with your hands by your side and your feet shoulder width apart. First say my name is-and say your name. Your body should move forward. Then say my name is- and say a name that is not your name. Your body should move backwards. So, when you are on the go and do not know if you should do something or not, try using your body for the answer. 

I hope you now have a better understanding of how a pendulum works. Remember your pendulum works for you and someone else’s pendulum may move in a totally different direction then yours.

Enjoy and happy scrying.