How to cut psychic cords from people and how to cleanse your aura

Posted by Elizabeth van Ophem on

Have you every been near someone who just seems to suck the life out of you. Or makes you feel bad for just being who you are. Sometimes they are co-workers or family, and it is difficult to stay away from them. Tired of feeling drain by these people?

Psychic cords are thin light connections from your chakras to other people or things. These cords can become damaged over time when dealing with toxic people. To help remove the negativity I suggest cutting cords from them. It is quick and easy.

Black obsidian, black kyanite fans and black tourmaline are all great stones for protection. they help to protect you from psychic attacks and keeps you grounded. These are great crystal to use when cutting cords. I personally use black obsidian arrows.

To cut the cords, hold the crystal of your choice in your dominate hand. You can image one person you wish to remove or just anyone in general. Place your hand with the crystal above your head and slowly move your hand down all sides of your body. Start with the front then the sides and finally your back.  Say out loud or to yourself "I release all attachments that are not mine. I graciously return them back to the person they belong it. Thank you, thank you thank you." Repeat whenever needed. After you cut the cords, imagine where the small pieces are still connected to your body. Slowly image pulling the cord out of your body, so no pieces of it remain. Then imagine burying or burning that piece of cord to completely remove this person’s toxic energy.


Aura Combing

If you would like to cleanse your aura, then repeat the process of holding a crystal in your hand and combing your aura with it. But this time use a selenite stick, clear quartz or scolecite.

Again, hold the crystal in your dominate hand. Start at your head and move down your body. With each sweep of your people flick your wrist away from your body, thus removing all negativity in your auric field. Say out loud or to yourself. “I remove all that does not belong to me and return it to where it belongs. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Repeat until you feel that your aura is cleansed.

You can even top it off by have a nice bath with a clear quartz or rose quartz. Do not put selenite in water since it will dissolve. Scolecite is a softer stone, so it is not good in water. Just use quartz.