How to cleanse your crystals

Posted by Elizabeth van Ophem on

Once you receive any crystal it is a good idea to cleanse the stone to bring back their original energy. To remove any other energy that it has picked up.  At crystal creedence we do cleanse before packing. But it is still a good idea to cleanse, this way the crystal will bond with your energy. There are many methods to clean and clear your crystals, find one that you feel most comfortable with.

Water cleansing

This is good for only certain types of crystals. Mainly quartz-based crystals (hard crystals) such as clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and natural smoky quartz. If the smoky quartz is very dark, it has probably been treated and this is not safe. These crystals are safe to place under water. Some crystals such as selenite and halite will dissolve when wet. Others can become toxic when wet or loose their shine. If you choose water to cleanse, gently hold the crystal in your hand and run water over the crystal for approximately 5 minutes. This can be done in a sink or in a stream. Please be carefully not to drop your crystals.

Earth cleansing

In earth cleansing, you bury your crystals in dry earth. Earth cleansing in a deep cleaning. It is best if it done for a few weeks, for example from the full moon until the new moon. You can use a flowerpot inside or outside.  It can be done outside if there is no chance of rain.

Smoke cleansing

To clean with smoke.  Move your crystal back and forth through rising smoke from sage or incense for a good five minutes.

Brown rice cleansing

This is my favourite way to cleanse crystals. Place your crystals in a bowl and pour raw brown rice over top. Leave for 24 hours then remove the crystals. Discard the rice afterwards, do not reuse. Do not eat the rice.

Sound cleansing

This is another one of my favourite ways to clear the crystal. Place your crystals near a singing bowl so it can feel the vibrations. You can also use bells or a drum. If you have a tuning fork this works well also. Take about five minutes to clear the crystal with sound waves.

Moon cleansing

On the night of the full moon, place your crystals outside and leave overnight. You can also place on a windowsill if the weather is poor. Please be careful when placing outside. Wild animals may steal your crystals. The crystals will still be cleansed if it cloudy outside and moon is not shining.

Sunlight cleansing

Bring your crystals outside and place in the direct sunlight for five minutes. Be careful of red, orange and yellow crystals since they can fade in the sunlight.

Reiki cleansing

If you know how to do reiki, then this may be a good option for you. Place your crystals in your hand or a bowl and give it a boost of reiki energy.

Please follow your instinct and use the method that you feel most comfortable with.

Enjoy your clean crystals.