Energy from different forms of crystals

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Energy from different shapes of crystals


Crystals can be left in their natural raw state or recreated into polished tumbled stones or shapes. The meaning of the individual crystal does not change but energy can vary. In this article we will look at the different energy and meaning based on the shape of the crystal.

Raw or rough crystals

These crystals are not altered or polished in anyway. They may have been cut to make them smaller. This is the most basic form of crystals. The energy from these types of crystals has a stronger untouched energy. Some people may find the energy too strong to work with. They can also be brittle and flake off while carrying.


Tumbled crystals

These are raw crystals that have been tumbled so there are smooth and polished. Tumbles have a gentler energy. The rough edges have been polished off. Many people prefer working with these crystals. They feel nice to hold and are easily carried on your person with no worries of pieces breaking off.


Slabs are raw crystals that have been cut into slices or slabs. Lapidary specialist use slabs to make jewelry by cutting them into cabochons. With crystal healing work, slabs can be used to charge other crystals by placing them on top so the two energies can combine. Slab pieces, especially selenite can be used to cleanse your crystals and jewelry. Slabs can also be used as a base for displaying other crystals.


Generators are when the crystal has a natural or manmade 6-sided point. These crystals help to pinpoint energy. The energy will go straight to the area which it is pointed at. The majority of generators available are man made, naturally formed generators are rarer and therefore harder to find.

Double terminated crystals

These crystals have two points on either end. This occurs naturally when the crystal grows sideways. Herkimer diamonds, which are quartz, naturally grow this way. As with the generators’, most double terminated crystals are manmade. The energy goes back and forth with the double terminated crystals. These crystals are great to use when you want to connect the energy between two points, for example to connect chakra energy together.

Emma Stones or Seer stones

Emma stones are quartz crystals that have been tumbled in water usually a stream or river. The crystals become frosted on the outside from the water. These crystals are then sliced in half, smooth and clear on the inside. Emma stones are used during mediations by looking into the stone, similar to a crystal ball. The difference being that Emma stones or seer stones have a flat surface to look into. These crystals help you to look within and find your inner self.

Scrying mirrors

Scrying mirrors are also flat and used for divination will mediating. Scrying mirrors go back centuries and are made from black obsidian. These are also used to help you look within and find meaning.


Crystals carved into angels help you to connect to your angels. They can be placed in your home for angelic protection or held during mediation to get messages of guidance.

Palm stones

Palm stones are larger tumbled stones usually shaped into an oval and polished smooth. Palm stones are called this because they fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. The energy from palm stones helps you to realize that you and only you hold the power to your life. These are great to hold while mediating. Palm stones help to connect while keeping you grounded, especially if mediating with grounding crystals.


Some people are afraid or get creeped out by skull carving. They are more positive then negative. Crystal skulls help you to connect with your ancestors, who are here to help guide you. They can also help you with your psychic visions.


Spheres are shaped into balls. They give off an all-around energy. The energy emanates from everywhere. Spheres can also be used for divination.


Pyramids have a wide base and go into a point. A pyramid can help to keep you grounded while pushing the energy up and out into the universe. The larger the base the more connected to earth. Represents “so below as above”.


Towers or also called Obelisk, have a base and stem that are equal in size. The energy is pushed up and out similar to a generator.  A tower has four sides at the top, while a generator that has six sides. Both towers and pyramid are great to place in the middle of a crystal grid to direct the energy up and out, while a sphere send the energy all around. But info on crystal grids will have to be for another article.

Egg shapes

Eggs have long been associated with fertility, new beginnings and creativity. It is the same for crystal eggs. Egg shapes are great to keep in the bedroom if you are looking to start a family. Or in your desk or craft room for creativity. Also great if you are looking for a new start.

Heart shapes

Heart shapes remind you to love yourself. You are unique, special and should be celebrated. Just like a crystal there are no two exactly alike.


Flame crystals have flat base and have a spiraling formation. This directs the energy upward and also has a cleansing component.  


Arrowheads have a strong psychic protection energy. The energy is directed out of the tip. Arrowheads are also good to help you sever ties with people that are not healthy for you to be around.


Crystals can be carved into many different animals. The animal carvings are associated with the metaphysical meaning of that animal. They also represent your spirit animal and be a companion for you. If you are drawn to a certain animal or crystal this is usually the guidance you need.

Thank you and I hope you now have a better understanding of the different energies associated with the different shapes.