Different formations of quartz crystals

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Different formations of quartz crystals

 abundance quartz

Abundance Quartz- Also called prosperity quartz. One main point with many little points growing from it’s based. This type of quartz draws abundance into your life. The small points represent seeds of abundance sprouting up and getting ready to bloom.


 barnacle quartz

Barnacle Quartz- Many small crystals usually growing on one side of the crystal. The smaller crystals are like tiny little sparkles. This quartz represents new souls attracted to old soul crystals and can help you see the truth.


 Candle quartz

Candle quartz – This quartz has smaller quartz growing on is sides and looks like a candle that has wax melting down after being blown out. This quartz helps you to see the light and bring positivity and hope to yourself.


 Cluster Quartz

Cluster Quartz- This quartz has a group of points growing together and sharing the same matrix. (Matrix- means the rock that crystals grow on.) This quartz sends energy in all directions. It shows that we can live together in harmony in a group setting.


 Dolphin quartz

Dolphin Quartz- A small quartz growing in the same direction, being carried on a larger quartz. This represents going with the flow because you are carried and safe. Give a nurturing protective energy. Called dolphin because it looks like a mother dolphin carrying her baby.


 Double terminated quartz

Double terminated quartz- Quartz with points on either end, either naturally (see Herkimer) or more common man made. The energy of this quartz goes out of both ends. There is no limits or boundaries. Life is balanced.


 etching on quartz

Etching on Quartz- Etching is found on the sides of the quartz. The patterns look like ancient writing or images. It is believed to be information from ancient worlds. You may be able to get information from these crystals by rubbing the etching while meditating.


 Faden Quartz

Faden Quartz- these quartzes have a fuzzy white line going through them. This occurs when there is a fracture in the quartz and then is starts to heal itself and continue to grow. This quartz is good for self healing and gaining spiritual insights.


 Garden Quartz

Garden Quartz- Also called shamanic dream quartz. This quartz has inclusions of lodalite, or chlorite imbedded in the quartz. This quartz helps you to feel connected to mother earth. It is also good to use during mediation to gain a higher state of intuition.


 Generator quartz

 Generator Quartz- This quartz has six equal sided point. This quartz is good for direct and focus energy. Good if you are feeling drained. Helps you to get to the point of an issue. Great to use in the centre of a crystal grid.


Herkimer Diamonds 

Herkimer Diamonds- Very clear small double terminated crystal from Herkimer New York. Helps to promote lucid dreaming. It can also help you find your way.


 Isis quartz

Isis Quartz- Five edges found on a point. It is said to hold the power of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Bringing her wisdom and inner guidance. Also good for emotional healing.


 Key quartz

Key Quartz- The shape of a crystal tip that was growing there, then broke off. A good crystal for manifesting and communication with your guides. Helps you to realize you hold the key to your own happiness.


 laser quartz

 Laser pointer quartz- A long tapered quartz crystal. Has the ability to focus energy like a laser beam. Crystal healers use the laser quartz to pinpoint energy to where it is needed. Also helps you get right to the point.


 Phantom quartz

Phantom Quartz- Faint crystal images found inside the crystals. Helps with inner growth and intuition. Also lets you know that it is ok to rest if you need to, then continue your journey. Don’t stop.


 rainbow quartz

 Rainbow Quartz- This occurs when a fracture happens inside the quartz. It is a reminder of hope and renewal are possible. Great crystal to remove sadness. This crystal is ready to make a connection with you.


 record keeper quartz

Recordkeeper Quartz- This quartz has raised or sunken triangles on the tip of the crystal. These hold information from ancient civilizations. They have lessons and teachings for us. Also good for retrieving past live information.


 rutile quartz

Rutile Quartz- thin needle shaped crystals are embedded inside the quartz. Helps to raise your psychic sensitivity. Can also help accelerate your manifestations.


shovel quartz

Shovel Quartz- Crystal with a flat tip. Helps you to dig through your problems, trauma or emotional wounds. Helps you to get a greater understanding so you can find solutions.


 soulmate quartz

Soulmate Quartz- Two crystals intertwined so one crystal has two points. Good for finding your soulmate or for strengthening a soulmate relationship.


 tabular quartz

Tabular Quartz- Wide flat shaped quartz. Often double terminated. Promotes balance and communication. Can serve as a bridge.


 timelink future quartz timelink past quartz

Time link quartz- Future and Past- Time links are recognized by extra facets on the tip of the quartz. A future time link points to the right, while a past time link points to the left. This quartz can help us connect to the future or the past through a link to the Akashic records.


 window Quartz

 Window Quartz- This quartz has diamond shape on the tip. It helps to discover your soul path. Opens windows to yourself and helps to give you clear vision.