Crystal grids

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Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are when you place crystals in a scared geometric pattern to create a flow of energy. They can be large or small, they can be created for spiritual practices or for representation and manifestation. The practice of grid work goes back centuries, the best example would be Stonehenge, mandalas and medicine wheels.

Grids can be small or large, they can be placed inside or outside. They can be in your home or workplace on a printed pattern or free style. Grids can also be place at the perimeter of your room or property for protection or cleansing. For example, you can place a black tourmaline in each corner of your home or property to create a protection grid. Crystals can also be placed around your body, which is what crystal healing work entails.

Grids use scared geometry and numerology when creating patterns. The pattern can help in manifesting energy. A triangle has three sides and represents amplification. A square has four sides which represent balance. The five-sided pentagram represents change. A six-sided hexagon represents protection, seven- sided heptagon represents intuition. The eight-sided octagon represents abundance, and the nine-sided nonagon represents manifestation.

The most common sacred geometry pattern used in grid work is the seed of life and the flower of life. The seed of life is found in the centre of the flower of life. It represents the seven days of creation (the seed) which then blooms into the flower. The flower of life is considered to be the blueprint for the entire universe. Many of the other sacred geometry patterns can be found inside the flower of life.

How to prepare your grid

First you need to decide what you want your grid to represent. Then you need to pick your crystals. All crystals have energy. Sometimes the energies overlap. For example, there are many crystals that are good for abundance and prosperity, or love or for protection or for speaking your truth. Your may need to do a little research or ask at your local crystal shop.

Some great crystals to use on an abundance and prosperity grid would be citrine, green aventurine, pyrite, or jade. These are all crystals associated with this energy.

Crystals for a love grid could be rose quartz, morganite, green aventurine, emerald or green calcite. Or any other heart chakra crystal.

Good crystals for a protection grid are black tourmaline, black obsidian, smoky quartz, tigers eye or hematite or any other dark coloured stone.

For a grid to help with communication, some crystal to use would be blue lace agate, sodalite, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla or aquamarine. Or any other stone associated with the throat chakra.

These are just examples, feel free to use whatever crystal you want to use. Your intuition will guide you.

For a basic grid you will need a centre crystal, and two rows of usually six supporting crystals. For an abundance grid example. The centre could be a citrine point, and one row of pyrite and then another row of green aventurine. See below.



Always cleanse your crystals before placing them on your grid. They can be cleansed by water, the sun, sage or incense smoke, sound or placing them in brown rice for 24 hours. Whatever, you feel comfortable doing.  Then place the grid in the location you are going to leave it.

To start, write a note about want you want your crystal grid to represent. For example. “I create this crystal grid to attract increased abundance and prosperity into my life. This is done with no harm to others.” Or “I create this grid to help my find my perfect partner. This is done with no harm to others”.  Now fold the note and place it at the centre point of the grid. Now take your centre crystal and hold it in your hand and say out loud or to yourself the note you just wrote.  Then place the crystal in the centre of the grid, then repeat with the next row of crystal, hold them in your hand and state the information on the note and then place them around the centre crystal and do it again for the last row.

Once all the crystals have been placed on the grid, the grid needs to be activated. Quartz points or wands are great to use. Take the quartz and point it over the centre crystal. Move from the centre drawing a invisible line to a crystal on the outside of the grid. Moving clockwise draw a line to the next stone, once they are all connected go back to the centre stone. Then repeat with the inner row of crystals. Continue until all the crystals are connected. Then finally hold the quartz point at the centre of the grid and state your intention for the grid one last time.  See picture below. You can also become creative and add flowers or picture whatever you like.


You can leave your grid up for as long as you need or until the grid has completed their intention. If you are leaving it up for a long time it is a good idea to put your energy into the grid just by thinking about it once a day. Carefully dust it and you can reactivate it to give it a boost. If the crystals get knocked out of place just put it back and reactivated it.

Once you are done with the grid, thank the crystals for their work cleanse the crystals and put it away.

If you would like your own free downloadable grid. Just click the link. I have one for you on my website.
Happy gridding